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The Result


Increase in Social Media Engagements


Increase in Revenue


Increase in New Organic Customers

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

Calicut silks is a 30 years old textile trade in Kozhikode. They have build up a name in the fashion industry catering to the fashion of Women, Men & kids. Whole family fashion destination is at one platform. Its unique special property is that they have a wide range of variety. They have different states speciality fashion and variety at one platform that is at Calicut Silks.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala, we understand Calicut Silks vision is straight forward and to be the leader of the textile industry. Their leadership attainment is also precise that is to be perfect and offer quality products at reasonable prices.

Mission of Calicut silks has already proven their need to be perfect in the industry and secure and maintain their position in the market. Quality is their prime motto

  • Wide range of products catering t whole family fashion at one floor.
  • Excellent quality of products with affordable prices.
  • Branded collection which is the need of the youth that is fashion statement while being branded.
  • Brand promotion through proper advertising.
  • Special offers like lucky draw and attractive gifts.
  • Successful campaigns to attract more customers.
  •  Excessive competition in the market.
  • Hike in duty charges in textile industry.
  • Quality has to be reassured.
  • Catering to the needs of each and every sector and latest fashion.
  • Maintaing the leadership front in the market with customer satisfaction.
  • Reaseach andupgradation of new changes in the market as well as government regulations have to be wellknown of.
Results drawn by Viral Mafia - Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Calicut silks has earned a renowned name in the industry of textile in Kozhikode. Ita has its own unique features .Its prime motive is to provide the best quality products and latest fashion to all the segments while holding the position of first in the market. It has threat from its competitors but their brand selection has a promotion and they are using it as an advertisement tool.

From last 30 years they have made a wide range of customers who has trust on them and Calicut Silks made a point of customer satisfaction. Perfection is the need of the market and they are handling it pretty well to win the faith in them.

Its website has all the crux of their brands, its collection so that customer have an idea about their preference. They are an active member of social media as well as in house publicity so that an interest of customers are still kept on in them. Their sales and profit ratio have increased with their brand publicity and string branding campaigns.


Facebook & Instagram

Viral Mafia was contacted by Calicut Silks for their launching campaign. We targeted the potential customers from Malabar region and started campaign via Facebook and Instagram. They got a warm opening sale as a result.

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