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We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

A musical night held at Kozhikode to listen to the famous ghazal Singer if the era Ustad Ghulam Ali. The atmosphere looked tremendous when 25,000-plus ghazal aficionados flowed into Swapna Nagari to listen to the magic voice of legendary singer Ustad Ghulam Ali

Large number of people were seen hours prior to the event, and all the chairs were occupied by the music lovers cutting across caste and religion.  This wonderful night titled ‘Chandni Raat’ organized by socio-cultural organization ‘Swaralaya’, in association with Grand Kerala Shopping Festival.

One of the best ghazal singers of this era, Ali began the night with popular song ‘Hum tere shahar mein…’ followed by ‘Me nazar se pee raha hoon…’ which looted the hearts if the singers. The night continued with many more ghazal singers to tune into the night and the flow of music was just spellbound. The event was advertised by online media and people got attracted towards the idea of Chandini raat. All the music lovers were emerged from all corners of the city to listen to the live singing of the legend himself.

As a digital marketing agency, we identified our targeted audiences are located in Calicut (Kozhikode), Kannur and Malappuram.  The social media proved to be the great platform to promote the event and increase the number of audience of the event.

  1. Promotion of event by online media
  2. Famous and renowed singer Ustad ghulamAli were the shining star of the night
  3. Soothing night with many ghazal singers
  4. Attracting the audience with renowned singers and social media posts
  1. Ustad Ghulam Ali is a Pakistani singer and is banned in India by some political parties. This concert could have been great flop and threatening too
  1. Artists from Pakistan are considered as terrorists by some political parties and their shows and participation are banned in India
  2. Promotional based campaigns are risks as it could have provoked that political parties also on the show could have been destroyed by them
  3. Audience must have restrained themselves as it involved national issues
Results drawn by Viral Mafia - digital Marketing agency in Kerala

The musical lovers emerged from all the corners to listen to their all time favorite ghazal singer Ustad ghulamali. The online promotion of this event proved to be successful and reached out to all the fans of the Pakistani singer and all the ghazal singers who enlightened the musical night and made Chandini rath a successful and musical event. Despite if all the risks of some political parties and ban of Pakistani artists in India this event lead to huge success and large number of crowd emerged in the event.

Social media proved again to be the powerful tool of advertising the present era and build a strong network among the crowd. Chandini rath took away the limelight of all music lovers when the famous gazals was on the racks by famous singers and the increased sales and crowd clearly depicts the love of the audience for the singers and music. As a digital media marketing agency, we are very proud to be part of that big event.

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Chandni Raat was a beautiful night, as named, blessed with the mesmerizing songs of the infamous singer Gulaam Ali. Our aim was to ensure maximum participation. We conducted social media campaigns via Facebook and Instagram to ensure maximum reach. And we were able to reach many music lovers. The night was a great success with the participation of a massive crowd.

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