HomeSoul Theyyampattil
The Result


Increase in Social Media Engagements


Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in Sales

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

Home Soul Theyyampattil is the largest furniture shopping mall in South India. This seven-storeyed shopping mall is a one-stop shopping destination for all kinds of furniture for all budget groups. It has a fine range of simple furniture to premium and luxury furniture collections of international standards for all kinds of spaces like home, office, resorts and hotels, and so on.  The furniture mall is to be placed in the market as a premium class furniture mall which mainly focuses on elite customers apart from catering to the furnishings requirements of other customer groups. The role of Viral Mafia was thus to create this Unique Selling Point for Home Soul as a premium class furniture brand that offers superior quality furniture of top notch designs to the clients.

  • The only shopping mall in Kerala
  • Largest shopping mall in South India
  • High quality furniture for all spaces
  • Furniture for all budget groups
  • Excellent designs and collection
  • Limited visibility for the brand among all people
  • Large number of competitors
  • Achieving high end customer satisfaction
Results drawn by digital Marketing agency in kerala

Realizing the potential of various digital marketing platforms to promote the brand and to create the USP of Home Soul as the premium class furniture shopping mall in South India, Viral Mafia made use of FB, Instagram and Google Ads and reached out to various target groups. This increased the brand awareness among different prospective customers and strengthened the brand identity. The ultimate result was the increase in the number of leads which elevated the sale of different furnishings from Home Soul Theyyampattil.