The Brief

Kasargod COVID-19 Initiative: Digital Partners for Kerala Govt. and Police Commissionerate Cochin
We are all aware of the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic that has literally brought humanity to a standstill the world over. In such a situation, the Kerala Government’s stellar efforts to bring the situation under control has been praised by global leaders and the media alike, with many nations striving to emulate a similar ‘Break the Chain’ model. From a digital marketing agency viewpoint, it was a great honour for us to be associated with the noble ‘Kasargod Turnaround – COVID 19’ initiative, a drive by the Police Commissionerate Cochin to digitally spread awareness, and enlighten people on the related problems and subsequent precautionary measures. The formidable task of uniting the community in the fight against COVID-19 and that too in such a critical time was handed over to us.

The Result


Million People Reached


Increase in activity on government social media channels


Successful flattening
of the curve

Extent of Campaigns
  • Specific campaigns informing quarantined people of government assistance
  • Campaigns targeted at helping stranded foreign nationals by connecting them with the police
  • Building awareness of triple lockdown measures designed to reduce patient density in hotspot zones
  • Inform the community on the availability and accessibility of essential items
  • Spread awareness on COVID-19 symptoms, precautions, exposure, lockdown guidelines, food procurement, and day-to-day matters
  • Restricting the spread of fake news and messages
  • Overcoming the stubborn and old-school community mindset
Our Strategies
  •  To capture community interest and inspire them to follow guidelines, a sequence of awareness campaigns with engaging content were developed and activated
  • Campaigns involving popular influencers were employed to reach out to the community
  • Strategies were implemented to broaden the organic reach of the awareness campaigns
  • Extensive use of cross-post network campaigns
  • Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Google Display networks were utilised
  • For urgent medical consultation, ‘Quick Doc’ initiative was launched
  • Registration portals were developed for the collection of details and assistance of foreign nationals


We are truly honoured and privileged to be associated with the Government of Kerala as a part of this great cause and to contribute to the digital fight against COVID-19. More than just a great experience, the fact that we were selected as the ideal digital marketing agency by government officials for this monumental task ws by itself a tremendous honour.

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