The Result


Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in Social Media Engagements


Increase in Sales

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

KVR Bajaj and KVR Hyundai are two sub branches of KVR Group.  KVR Bajaj is the exclusive dealer of Bajaj two wheelers whereas KVR Hyundai deals with Hyundai cars. KVR Group is one of the market players in the field of automobile dealership. They provide superior service to the customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. The excellent service which they offer to their customers is one of the main factors of their success.

  • Renowned brand among automobile dealers
  • Lakhs of customers
  • High quality service
  • Excellent market expertise
  • The large number of competitors
  • Customer preference for other branded automobiles
  • Achieving customer demands in the competitive environment

Results drawn by Viral Mafia, digital Marketing company in Kerala

Viral Mafia helped KVR Bajaj and KVR Hyundai to enter into new markets and to expand the existing markets. The various digital marketing activities carried out by us through different digital media like FB and Instagram, and the use of Google ads helped to increase the brand visibility and awareness among the target customers. We promoted their festive offers through various campaigns and it yielded a high lead generation resulting in a huge increase in the sales of the automobiles.

Search Engine Optimization

We managed to furnish adequate SEO strategies for KVR, thus resulted in a remarkable escalation in the organic reach of the brand. This, in fact increased the online traffic and enquiry rate, resulting in the piecemeal augmentation of sales.


Facebook & Instagram Promotions

Customers could easily get in touch with KVR due to our fruitful Facebook and Instagram promotional campaigns. This resulted in a net elevation in leads as KVR became more popular among keralites in no time.

Google Ads

Our team thrived in instilling the brand name KVR via Google ads. This ushered many potential customers to visit their website and thus triggered a massive hype in online traffic. Online traffic ultimately led to an upswing in sales.

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