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We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

In early 1952 that an international club football tournament, the first-ever in post-Independent India, was successfully flagged off in Kozhikode, with local philanthropist Sait Nagjee extending his complete support for this event. The prestige and the popularity of the tournament brought to the Kozhikode stadium, the shining stars of Young India —Tata Sports Club, Dempo Sports Club, Salgaonkar Mohan Bagan, Indian Air Force, Border Security Force, Punjab Police etc, to name a few, all looking forward for thr trophy. The glory of this prized trophy had crossed the borders as well. The famed Karachi Kickers from Pakistan and the Dhaka-based Abahani Krira Chakra had then made Kozhikode their annual destination for this reputed sporting event. The Sait Nagjee Trophy remains forever etched in the minds of loyal football fans, young sports enthusiasts and the yester year greats.

Kozhikode is now a pilgrimage for the devotees of football. The Sait Nagjee Trophy was a set for an grand international launch at Kozhikode in a grand inaugural event scheduled on January 21, 2016. The primary goal is to restore the old glory, relive sportsmanship.

As a digital marketing agency, we identified our target audiences are located in different districts in Kerala like  Kozhikode (Calicut), Kannur, Malappuram and Wayanad.

  1. To create a peace environment of sports, i.e football for its fans as well as for players and inter countries.
  2. Founders and charitable organization’s full support and coordination in the event to make it smooth
  3. Advertising through online media and association with PK sales
  4. More eye candy to the fans resulting to increase in sales of tickets of the tournaments.
  5. Campaign was successful as online people could reach more easily.
  1. Restoring and maintain the previous bar of standard of the tournament.
  2. Protect the pure and traditional form of sports and its spirit in the players and fans.
  3. Introduction of the matches in complete new form.
  4. Meeting with the standards of international matches.
  5. Other local football matches presence in same time.
Results drawn by Viral Mafia, digital Marketing agency in Kerala

It is an international football match which became the heartthrob event for the lovers of football.Being in the founder city, Kozhikode the game main motive was to relive the old games and same essence as it was before for the sports. The sportsmanship was to be recreated in form of inter relations or peace. The campaign was started with the online media and it turned out to be successful as the youth, the fans were easily accessing the latest updated about the tournament that resulted to the increase in sale of tickets of the matches and the whole campaign and vents turned out to be great hit The 15 day tournament was the news of the state and countries and the trophy was the center of attraction for players.

Its association with PK steels was also promoted in social media and huge amount of capital was levied on its promotional activities for the social promotion of the event.

Thus leading to the success of the nagjee international football tournament in Kozhikode and living up to the vision of recreating the spirit of game in new and creative sense which was for the first time along with the association of its founders and active members of charitable trusts complete involvement and support for the game and tournament as peace was to be recreated.

As a digital marketing agency in Kerala, it was very challenging job for us to brand this football match in online. End of the day, we marked it as milestone  of our corporate journey.


Facebook & Instagram

We ran a very successful online campaign covering Facebook and Instagram indicating the  eventuation of Nagjee International Football tournament. Many people across the region came to know about the happening and gathered, making the event a huge success. Needless to say, there was a massive increase in the ticket sale than expected. We once again managed to promote an event successfully.

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