The Brief

P K Das Hospital is a healthcare initiative and state-of-the-art super-specialty hospital located in Ottapalam, Kerala. The 350-bed hospital was established to cater to the healthcare needs of people in Kerala and nearby Tamil Nadu. Even though it had numerous general and super-speciality departments, the latest infrastructure and the best doctors, P K Das Hospital was not known outside the local vicinity. The goal was to strengthen the brand and make it a well-known name throughout Kerala and beyond, thereby ensuring that the name immediately came to mind whenever people wanted to make an appointment.

Results drawn by Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

When Viral Mafia was handed over the objective, we knew the marketing had to be done in a novel way, and not like a business organisation. We promoted the various departments and the numerous successful surgeries via Google SEO and Search Engine Marketing as well as through Facebook posts and social media marketing.


As the hospital was well-known only locally, we successfully ran campaigns tailored to build the brand across a wide but targeted audience. By promoting the world-class facilities and affordable rates, we were able to generate a huge number of quality leads for P K Das Hospital.

SEO & Google Ads

In addition to making the brand stronger, we emphasised the location and carried out lead generation campaigns department-wise. For instance, our campaigns for knee replacement and treatment of varicose veins produced excellent results for P K Das Hospital. We also support the institution on various types of designs for standees, hoardings and so on. Our digital marketing efforts have not only made the hospital much more well-known, but also generated immense leads.

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