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The Result


Increase in New Organic Customers


Increase in Sales


Increase in Social Media Engagements

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

Scot Wilson is a premium brand exclusively for Silk Shirts. It has the finest range of superior quality silk shirts for men of all age groups. Scot Wilson maintains it premium position not only in silk shirting but also in linen shirting as well, thereby giving many an option as to the fabric one chooses to wear. Scot Wilson is for the men of style and it comes with economy, richness and elegance. The shirts, spinned, weaved and organic dyed using the purest silk and the best quality linen becomes the ultimate fashion mantra for the men who give a lot for his looks. Scot Wilson brings out the best in men.

  • Premium silk shirt brand
  • High quality products
  • Large number of customers
  • Huge market competition
  • Ever changing customer tastes and preferences
  • Limited brand visibility and awareness

Results drawn by Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

Viral Mafia took up the whole Kerala Brand building campaign for Scot Wilson using digital marketing strategies. We used different platforms like FB and Instagram and were successful in strengthening the brand by creating brand awareness and by improving brand visibility. This helped to increase the reach of the brand to over 10 Lakh prospective customers in Kerala. The digital branding consultation provided to Scot Wilson by Viral Mafia has increased the leads and thus the sales volume of the brand to a great level.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

We helped them to flourish rapidly in the online business realm with our proficient social media promotional campaigns focusing premium class as the prime source and thereby expand the growth of their business by invigorating their overall sales.

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