The Brief

Veinart, renowned for the treatment of varicose veins, is the first centre in Kerala exclusively dedicated to management of both venous and arterial diseases. The Kozhikode-based centre is equipped with the latest facilities for detailed evaluation, the most advanced laser treatment for varicose veins, and, of course, the best vascular surgeons in the field. Our client’s objective was to get them more qualified leads for their advanced laser therapy for varicose veins, and we obliged!


As varicose veins is quite a common medical condition, it was relatively easier to track and target a relevant online audience via Google Search Ads. The key point of the objective was to not just identify those individuals and market a treatment for varicose veins, but to promote the new laser therapy procedure, which was also pushed via social media marketing on Facebook. Overall, we could hand over a sizable number of good quality leads to Veinart, the majority of whom converted.

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