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We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.
The Brief

Vismaya Water Park is located near Taliparamba in the Kannur district of Kerala in India. It is an amusement park owned by the Malabar Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). This park was opened in the year 2008. Vismaya Water Park is one of the chosen destinations for holidays in Malabar since it’s opening.
The park is situated close to the famous Muthappan temple present in Parassinikadavu. Its official inauguration was in the month of august in the year 2008.

The main objective of the water park is to establish and promote tourism in the state, thereby maintaining and managing, establish, maintain and manage the business related to hospitality and tourism industry.

The water park’s main focus is to entertain the people, also promoting natural sustainable development. Hence, they provide infotainment – information through entertainment to all age groups.

  • The park, stretching over the land in two acres has a reservoir which can 50 million litres of rainwater, which is used to operate the park.
  • The amusement park promotes sustainable development.
  • Thousands of job opportunities are created through the establishment of this park.
  • Vismaya Water Park has succeeded in attracting innumerable local and foreign tourists, which has promoted the state’s tourism.
  • Opening of this Park has improved the state’s economic growth to an extent, which had faced a decline before.
  • It has many innovative rides and attractions like virtual waterfall, lasershow to name a few, that are one of a kind.
  • Though many amusement parks that operate on different technologies and pollute the environment have developed, Vismaya Water Park is operating on rain water harvesting technique.
  • The Water Park needs to provide rides that are both entertaining and informative to maintain its image.
  • The amusement park must attract that many visitors so that the state’s tourism remains promoted.
  • All the rides must be properly checked so that no mishaps occur in the park.
  • The staff must be properly trained so that they can properly operate each ride because any fault will lead to a life threatening situation.
  • Since there are so many other attractions in the vicinity of Vismaya Water Park, it must always keep providing new and newer adventure rides so that people visit this park.

Results drawn by Digital Marketing Company in Kerala

The Vismaya water park was the first development of MTDC for the development of tourism in the state. This Park has achieved the expected results. They have led to the growth of economic development at a very large scale. This Park has also provided employment opportunities to many. It is still continuing to be a must visit destination for tourists because of many rides that suit all age groups like aqua trail, jumping frog, etc. This park is one of the most environment-friendliest water park’s in the world because of the green policy adopted by the Vismaya.

After overcoming all the challenges, the Vismaya Water Park will continue its journey towards achieving its goal of entertaining people in a very green environment-friendly way.


We were able to help Vismaya park in developing a healthy relationship with the customers by conducting several campaigns via Facebook and  Instagram. This indeed resulted in the elevation of expectation of customers. A massive increase in the sale of tickets was witnessed, thus once again a success story from a trusted client.

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